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Posted by Siren on Dec 01 2014 08:18 AM in Contests/Giveaways | 16 comments

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Posted by Siren on Nov 19 2014 07:24 AM in News | 14 comments

At beginning of November, Microsoft temporarily (until January 2015) dropped the price of Xbox One consoles by $50 and since then has seen a huge spike in sales. So much that the Xbox One has out sold the PS4 in the United States for the past two weeks. When Sony was asked how they felt about the success of the Xbox One consoles following the price cut, they responded by saying they are still in the "battle".
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Posted by Siren on Oct 07 2014 05:07 AM in News | 1 comments

Bungie's supposed "Halo Killer", Destiny will be offline today for several hours as an update rolls out that is to fix many of the bugs that have been plaguing Destiny since it's release in September.
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Posted by Siren on Sep 30 2014 10:02 AM in News | 7 comments

For fans of the horror series Fatal Frame who were hoping to soil themselves here stateside with the already released Japan released version of Fatal Frame V: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden, you are in for some bad news.
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Posted by Siren on May 21 2014 09:51 AM in News | 5 comments

Rocksteady and WBGames have released the first gameplay trailer for their upcoming third and final installment in the Batman Arkham series; Batman: Arkham Knight due out in October on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.
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Posted by Siren on May 21 2014 06:29 AM in News | 1 comments

343 Industries Frank O' Connor has had enough of game leaks coming from inside the industry and wants everyone to know that "leakers" are not doing anybody any favors.
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Posted by Siren on Apr 24 2014 06:12 AM in News | 1 comments

Microsoft fan boys everywhere have officially wet their pants with the recent announcement coming from Microsoft Japan that showed that the Xbox One has at least 32 unannounced games from Japanese developers and publishers waiting to be revealed.
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