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Posted by Siren on Feb 10 2015 06:15 AM in News | 13 comments

Joshua Peters, a popular Runescape livestreamer who is also known as "koopatroopa787" became the latest victim of swatting, which is where the SWAT team responds to what they believe is a potentially hostile situation such as a hostage situation, shooting, or something equally violent based on the call that they receive. Unfortunately, Joshua Peters whose 10 year old little brother was home at the time ended up with 10 rifles pointed at him, which prompted the emotional video from Peters who is visibly shaken and eventually breaks down.
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Posted by Siren on Jan 22 2015 11:18 AM in News | 1 comments

NetherRealm Studios released another Mortal Kombat X trailer showcasing more of what's to come or who is to come on April 15th when this long running franchise hits store shelves.
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Posted by Siren on Jan 22 2015 07:03 AM in News | 4 comments

Yesterday at the Windows 10 Live Event, Microsoft unveiled their new project, Windows Holographic that will allow users to jump into digital content via augmented reality and not the rumored virtual reality.
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Posted by Siren on Dec 23 2014 01:20 PM in Reviews | 8 comments

Developer: 343 Industries
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Platform: Xbox One
Release Date: November 11, 2014
Genre: First Person Shooter
Players: Single Player and Multiplayer

The Halo series has defined a generation of gamers by ushering in a new entry into the console war; the Xbox and also kept gamers on their toes with Bungie, followed by 343 Industries' captivating storyline following Spartan 117, "Master Chief" and his A.I. companion Cortana through battles with the covenant, the flood, shutting down the Halo rings, and of course the very poignant ending between the two that happened at the completion of Halo 4. Couple that with what could be described as the first multi-player of it's kind to hit a console and explode with popularity that lasts to this very day, Halo has become one of the most recognized and popular franchises that we as gamers will ever live to see. Does Halo: The Master Chief Collection capture everything that we have seen so far from this defining series?

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Posted by Siren on Dec 01 2014 08:18 AM in Contests/Giveaways | 26 comments

Miscellaneous Rules:
  • Anybody who sends me a PM with one complaint is getting publicly shamed this year with a screenshot and it appearing openly in the forum. I have had it with the amount of PM's I receive year after year. I gave everybody the chance this year to say what they wanted to out in the open and nobody really did. So I am having none of it this year.
  • There will be no preview list this year of what the prizes will be. You can find the reason for this in the "Donator" section.
  • Categories this year include: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, PC, Wii U, and Tablet/Ipad/mobile devices.
  • Kira is in charge of making up the list of the winners. Nobody else is to do this, but Kira. Kira only. Kira does a fabulous job. Kira, Kira, Kira, :D
  • Please send me what you will be donating through a PM no later than January 24th. (Make sure to include the price if it is a gift card.)
  • You are responsible for getting your own prizes out to the winners and making sure that you have their correct name and address.
  • If you donate a prize and your winner PM's you letting you know that they already own that prize you have a decision to make. You can either PM me upon finding out and I'll toss it back in or you can hold your own little contest on your own time. I know this was requested for this year and I thought I'd give it you guys.
  • All members of the Gamercide community are welcome to join the giveaway.
  • Please send me your Gamercide handle through a PM and what categories you would like to put into. You can find the categories above.
  • If you win a prize and are having an issue getting it, please let me know asap.
  • If you win a prize, your name will be taken out of that category.
So there you have it. Feel free to share this during streaming, etc...

When the giveaway goes down I am going to try my best to stream some video gamage and do the giveaway live. I think that would be a nifty change of pace. I may have to take some breaks in count of the kiddos, but I think it'd be pretty damn cool for you guys to watch it live :)
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Posted by Siren on Nov 19 2014 07:24 AM in News | 14 comments

At beginning of November, Microsoft temporarily (until January 2015) dropped the price of Xbox One consoles by $50 and since then has seen a huge spike in sales. So much that the Xbox One has out sold the PS4 in the United States for the past two weeks. When Sony was asked how they felt about the success of the Xbox One consoles following the price cut, they responded by saying they are still in the "battle".
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Posted by Siren on Oct 07 2014 05:07 AM in News | 1 comments

Bungie's supposed "Halo Killer", Destiny will be offline today for several hours as an update rolls out that is to fix many of the bugs that have been plaguing Destiny since it's release in September.
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